Southern Cross Aircraft
Advertising Campaign
Southern Cross Aircraft are a world leading broker company specialized on Aircrafts. They have the "know how" to simplify the complex process of acquiring or selling a Jet. The company is lead by young professionals who came to 22DG looking for a branding refreshment which included the advertising campaign for offline and online top media such as The Economist among others.
The campaign is a three piece and centered on 3 focus: Aspirational Mood, Service and Expertise. We wanted to communicate that making business with Southern Cross is not stuffy as with other brokers, instead they make it smooth and easy. As a young company we set up an edgy tone but kept a simple look and feel so as not over do it.

The thin line between a business trip and a leisure trip.

Importing a plane from Tlacuilotepec, is easier for us than pronouncing Tlacuilotepec.

Satisfying whims since 1989.
Campaign adaptation for Instagram Stories and Posts
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