We specialize in visual identity: Branding, Creativity and Strategy.
22DG is an agency that has design as a primary engine that drives all of our projects, creating different strategies in pursue of one common goal: effective communication.
Our structure is simple. The owners are creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. Because great design cannot happen without intelligence and personal commitment. This is demonstrated by our portfolio that spans two decades and many industries.
Especialistas en identidad visual: Branding, Creatividad y Estrategia.
22DG es una agencia que tiene al diseño como motor de todos los proyectos. Trabajamos creando diferentes estrategias en busca de un objetivo común: clara comunicación.
Nuestra estructura es simple. Los dueños son creadores y sirven como contacto principal para los clientes. Porque un gran diseño no se puede conseguir sin inteligencia y compromiso personal. Esto queda demostrado en nuestro dos décadas de portfolio para diversas industrias.

We are based on the Northern areas of Buenos Aires surrounded by the autochthonous "Tipas" trees.

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