The Client
At the heart of the historic Funkhaus building (one of the largest multi-studio facilities in the world) lies Berlin’s vibiest recording studio. Tricone Studios produce, record and mix music and support the audio community by providing meetups and workshops.
The Funkhaus Building
Funkhaus is a complex studio facility located in the Köpenick district a little away from the centre of the city, boasting a vast area of over 13 hectares. It is said to be one of the largest multi-studio facilities in the world,​ ​on a site divided into four blocks, A to D. After being bought by entrepreneur Uwe Fabich in 2015, it became widely used in a variety of different ways as it is now, with club events, concerts, fashion shows, IT events and so on.

The Brand
Tricone Studios approached us with the idea of creating a brand for themselves. Their founders came from different parts of the world and partnered in Berlin merging their previous experiences. Location was the most important thing Tricone's birth, so we used it as a visual icon for the new brand. The "T" symbol has reminiscence to the Funkhaus identity where Tricone Studios now lives.
Tricone isn't just a recording studio, they also do Workshops, sell gear, offer demo room sessions between other services. This is why we combined the logo with 2 typography styles that allowed us to simply change one word for another and make it work.

For the logo typography we focused on the German style as mentioned above because we wanted that strong link to Berlin and the Funkhaus building.
For titles and texts we went simple and to the point, we didn't want it to be too obvious so we left the stylish type only for logo.
The Palette was a nice challenge as we wanted to have the German touch but with the contemporary and modern vibe at the same time, that's why we tweaked the colors to give them enough saturation to coexist on the screen era.
Design Applications
We delivered a full brand experience so we worked on every application they need it: from simple things like Studio signage going all the way through advertising, video, street design and digital development for social networks and website.
Scroll down and take a glimpse at the Tricone Studio visual universe we created:
Designing for screens
This designs involved website and social networks as well as some templates and designs for their ongoing workshops that they give at the studios.
Instagram Feed and Posts
Mailing template structure​​​​​​​
More is more
When creating a brand concept less is more, but when designing pieces for that visual universe the more the better, so here we posted some more examples of how this brand adapts to different platforms from the streets up to the studio itself.
Taking the brand into the studio environment​​​​​​​
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